Elke Smith (Ulmer)

    Consultant, Trainer, Advisor, Composer and Singer

  • I have successfully trained, coached and tutored Directors and Senior Managers of Corporate Companies. As Manager of the Industry Department of the British-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce in London and Head of the Training Department I developed seminars and further education events on Government Level (DTI, Bank of England, CBI) and the British Industry (esp. Automotive Industry, German Industry Forum, British Trade and Services) and advised Companies and Industry Sectors on Investment to and from the UK. As a trained singer (mezzo-soprano) and Linguist (Bonn University, Sek.II Masters ) I combine voice coaching and tuition along with personal development plans that are integrated into the corporate strategy of a company. As a trained Theologian I have acquired coaching and counseling skills. As member of the Training Department of British Petroleum Oil International (HQ London), I developed the International Career check Programs for Senior Management for BO Oil International. (Analysing core skills, assessing profiles and transferable skills, setting up training programs and identifying training needs for individuals and professional grades e.g. Traders) and worked on strategic assessment schemes. My experience with International Corporations such as British Petroleum and the public sector such as the German Informatics Society and the DLGI/ECDL and my role as Consultant for the ELIG Policy Group has given me the opportunity to combine business consulting with brand coaching, marketing and personal performances of individual managers/directors and teams. I offer a wide range of Consulting Services ranging from tailored Business Strategy advice and the implementation of set targets and goals to PR, Marketing and Media Consulting. Personal goals and corporate strategy need to be one in order to be successful. I review and asses companies and organizations with the view of adapting and changing with the times in a way that works for them.

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  • Elke Smith


    I fly the GDOG at the moment from Conington Airfield Peterborough


    flying over Sawtry




    London Concert with Henricke Michels

    Elke im Regent's Park



    Leighton House, Elke sings her Song Cycle inspired by Gustav Klimt Paintings


  • passed my PPL at Redhill

    At Redhill Aerodrome
    flying a PA28

  • Safety first 
    checking the fuel 

    Prepare before you take off !

  • I am flying in Conington at the moment.

    Landing in Duxford with G-GDOG PA28 R and my friend Rebecca

    Landing in Leicester with G-GDOG PA28 R and my friend Andre (former American Airforce engineer)

    10th July 2018 London , 100 years Royal Airforce !

    take off at Conington Airfield with G-GDOG PA28 R

    my grandmother Elisabeth Hessel, never met her, but all her family members are pilots etc. !


    RAF Bandmaster Graham Sheldon and his wife. I learn to play trumpet with him ! what an honour.


    10th July 2018 London , 100 years Royal Airforce !

    landing at Goodwood revival with GOMST PA28 , not the spitfire ....


    Autsin Rowlands, taught me Meteorology for my pilot licence, many thanks ! West is Best !!

    my painting 2018

    Elke landing at Shoreham Airport with GOMST PA28

    Emma, Paul, Elke and Harry ,

    Produced a Musical "HOME" in Euskirchen with amazing kids

    G-GDOG at hanger Conington Airfield

  • Please go to this video: 
    a song cycle composed inspired by Paintings of Gustav Klimt
    performed at the Austrian Embassy in London. 

    my first drawing lesson


    Elke im Kuss von Gustav Klimt

  • Music Production
    Ernst Barlach , Der Engel der Erde (Liederzyklus)


    Liederzyklus zu Gustav Klimt

    London Colours
    Rhythms of the Urban Soul

    Elke has composed various song cycles and will post more information soon. 

    Please contact me via email. 

    Home ?!

    I initiated a musical project in my home town Euskirchen with St. Martin, the Music School and Grammar School and Comprehensive with the support of Sparkasse Euskirchen, Rotary and Lions Club.

    Refugee kids and local kids tell their story. Check it out !

    The Mutley Group


    at Conington Airfield


    I am flying the G- GDOG




    very nice


















    we live in the Old Granary



    we live in the Old Granary



    we live in the Old Granary



    Gustav Klimt Songcycle performed at the Austrian Embassy in London



    with Martin and Bryce Morrison at Leighton House



    Erich Honecker and Helmut Schmidt in Gruestrow looking at Ernst Barlach's The Singing Man



    Flying into Goodwood Revival

    (with a PA 28 ...)



    Strictly come Dancing Anton du Beck signing my top ! ahhhh



    Singing Jazz



    At Leighton House London performing Gustav Klimt Song Cycle



    Relaxing at home



    Gustav Klimt Sparkling Wine

    with Juergen Bischof



    first solo,


    with Jon my wonderful flying instructor



    Sawtry in the olden days



    my mother (the one at the back in the middle)

    and her siblings, dog and goat



    after the war, working, poor and bruised





    Gutshaus Saatel, my father's home, destroyed and robbed (by Germans)

    now in the hands of others to be rebuilt, many thanks



    Harvard Aviation at Redhill



    Musical Home by children and teenager who left their home to find a new home.




    Fly in to Goodwood Revival
















    my farewell flight to Saatel






















    Song Cycle to Ernst Barlach

    Exhibition at the British Museum London































































































    my mum a week before she passed away



















































    Voice Academy

    – Present
    Build up voices for singing and public speaking.

    voice teacher

    – Present


    Managing Director 
    – Jan 2012
    Media and Consulting


    ccf goethe

    founding member 
    – 1998

    British Petroleum, British German Chamber of Industry and Commercy

    – Jul 1996
    Business Development Manager, Head of the industry department of the German British Chamber of Industry and Commerce in London

    British Petroleum Head Quarters, worked for Sir Peter Walters (Chairman), Robert Horton (Chairman) and Government and Public Affairs Department , then BP Oil International, Training HQ

    Consulting DLGI,

    Chairman of the E-learning Industry Policy Group in Brussels

    Trustee of Creatvie Capital Foundation, Co-Founder

    Private Advisor to various persons (confidential). (Media, House of Lords, other).

    AHK London

    Business Promotion Manager 
    – 1996
    Manage the Industry Department, BDI, German Industry Group, Business Promotion Service,

    Evangelischer Kirchentag

    Member of AGOFF 
    – Jan 1986
    Member with Prof. Henning Schroer at AGOFF, Arbeitskreis fuer Gottesdienst Fest und Feier des Evangelischen Kirchentages. I was project manager for the cultural progammes at the hall in Berlin and Frankfurt. We brought talent together that has impact on art and the spriritual life of Germany.
  • Information on Ernst Barlach 
    Song Cycle 

    Information on Gustav Klimt 
    Song Cycle 

    Information on Gustav Klimt
    Song Cycle



    Information on Gustav Klimt
    Song Cycle



  • My Blog


  • http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p028r6xc

    Elke Smith under The Angel from Ernst Barlach 
    in the British Museum 
    Exhibition : "Memories of a Nation"

    Finde dich selbst und du findest die Welt.


    Public Relations

    Management Consulting



    Life Coach

    Business Strategy

    Public Speaking



    Event Management (International)




    Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn

    Sek I and II Anglistik, evang. Theologie, Paedagogik , Philosophie 1979 - 1986


    Activities: Fakultaetssprecher

    Marienschule Euskirchen, Abitur

    Abitur  Present - Present

    Activities: I played trumpet, learned to play the guitar, piano and to sing.
    I organised events.


    Nadia El Alaoui
    High Yield Analyst at UBS Global Asset Management

    Elke is an inspirational coach who helped me tremendously during several points of career change. Elke's coaching was invaluable. Her insights made me think deeply about where I want to take my career and she helped me develop the tools I need to create my path. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking for something more out of their career.

    Andreas Decker

    Elke Ulmer ist eine gute Ratgeberin und hilft .
    Man kann Sie uneingschränkt als Beraterin empfehlen.

    Babette Marzheuser-Wood
    Partner Franchise Group at Dentons

    I have known Elke for more than 5 years. She is a talented musician and paedagogue and has helped many people with presentation skills, allocution and singing lessons. If you need a teacher who is brave enough to identify your weaknesses and to make you work on improving them you need Elke
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    Cambridgeshire United Kingdom

    Music for Peace

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    Elke Smith